Lesson 1-3 Make Your Choice and Take Action

At this point you should be clear about all the choices you have about where to put your art business online.

You should have weighed the choices along with your personal situation, job and family responsibilities. Based on this information, you need to take action now on the best choice for your particular situation.

If you decide to open an Etsy shop, eBay store, Fine Art America gallery or other group site, you just need to create your art gallery on the platform that you choose.

This is very easy to do and can only take minutes to have a live site going with your chosen images.

Each site is different, and so I won't go into the details of those here. But again, it is very easy, and you should have no problems.

If you already have a website, Etsy shop, eBay store, Fine Art America or other group site, then you need to begin focusing on building your marketing funnel to enhance your sales. Modules 2, 3 and 4 go in-depth on this information.

You could also consider starting an art blog which would help you broaden your marketing reach and help establish you as an authority in your area of expertise. Being seen as an authority by blogging is an excellent way to increase your customer base and grow your following and profits.

The rest of the lessons in this module (Module 1) will focus on starting and running an art blog. If you have decided to go with an art blog for your online store, then follow the lessons in this module carefully. They will show you how to become a Pro art blogger.

“I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument while the song I came to sing remains unsung.”- Rabindranath Tagore

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